Distributing The Antisleep Driving Alarm S.O.S Anti-Fatigue, ALCO PREVENTION CANADA specializes in the distribution, to individuals and companies, of instruments that measure blood alcohol content (breathalyser, breath alcohol tester). These accurate and reliable devices will indicate if a user's blood alcohol level is above the legal limit for driving a vehicle and can help prevent people from driving under the influence of alcohol.

We provide alcohol measurement instruments intended for restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, golf clubs and all other institutions where alcoholic beverages are served. These public multiple-usage electronic breathalyzers, called EBAs, can also be rented and used for any corporative or personal events such as:

Events linked to work (Christmas party and others)
Office celebrations (Christmas and others)
Golf tournaments
Special reunions (employee’s departure)
Wine and cheese tasting
Any other event where alcohol beverages are served

We also offer ALCO-TUBE PLUS, a small personal single-use breathalyzer (breath alcohol tester), for restaurants, pubs, night clubs, hotels and golf clubs that support responsible driving conduct.
Our personal single-use breathalyzer (ALCO-TUBE PLUS) and our personal electronic measuring device (DRIVESAFE) are available in more than 600 retail outlets of the SOCIÉTÉ DES ALCOOLS DU QUÉBEC (SAQ), JEAN COUTU DRUG STORES and many other pharmacies.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a private individual, you can benefit from the reliability of all of our breathalyzers and encourage responsible drinking and responsible driving. Ignoring alcohol testing before driving can expose you and others to serious consequences.

The ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE (RCMP) has performed testing to compare our electronic public multiple-usage breathalyzer, the EBA, to their own alcohol measurement instruments. After several tests, the RCMP concluded that our instruments produced results similar to their own..

The EBA was designed and is produced by a Canadian manufacturer that?s been in business for over twenty years. They have supplied alcohol measurement devices to the police forces of Quebec, Ontario and Alberta and to the Canadian government.

EBA uses the same advanced semi-conductor sensing technology in the portable police breathalyzers used in roadblocks. Combining the latest in micro-computer circuitry and advanced self-diagnosis features, the EBA is the most accurate public breathalyser available on the market.